Prom Transportation Services

You’ve worked hard for this and you deserve the best party everyone will be talking about. It’s your time to celebrate! Relax and don’t worry about a thing. Just enjoy your prom.

Parents, your kids will have a great time. We have kids too. Safety First and here is how we do it:
  • We ask one parent to be designated as a contact, and we call this parent throughout the evening to assure them everything is going well. You can call us at any point for an update.
  • You make a contract with us, including a specific route for the evening. If any changes are asked to be made to the original route, you will be phoned for approval.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Period.

Prom Limo Transportation Service South Paris, Maine

Limo Bus South Paris, Maine Car Service
18 Passenger Limo Bus

$120.00 Per Hour Plus Gratuity
Custom Limo Bus
Perfect for Large Groups

SUV Stretch South Paris, Maine Car Service
10 Passenger Sprinter Limo

$95.00 Per Hour Plus Gratuity
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo
Perfect for a large group of couples

Sedan South Paris, Maine Car Service
4 Passenger Sedan

        $50.00 Per Hour Plus Gratuity         
Lincoln MK S Sedan
Perfect for couples

SUV South Paris, Maine Car Service
6 Passenger SUV

$55.00 Per Hour Plus Gratuity
Yukon XL
Perfect for two coupl 

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